Tailored servers

by Alptech Elektronik

Alptech offers you powerfull and tailored servers for the optimal basis for your IT-infrastructure with efficient, reliable and economical solutions. The individual industrial servers are build customized in our flexible in-house production. With certification according to the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 we guarantee you the highest quality. We produce here in Germany and have over 25 years of IT experience. We also offer comprehensive advice on complex projects, careful selection with regard to quality and long-term availability, advance exchange service on request, free customer support, as well as quick quotations and clear pricing. The Alptech sales team is also happy to provide telephone advice for your individual Alptech server.

Solutions for small businesses

Industrial Server Storage Solutions for maximum capacitance

For highest demands: High-End Server solutions by Alptech

Didn’t find the suitable? – Make-to-order: All from one source

For your project: Let us configure your ideal computer

Benefit from our partnership with MSI IPC as official channel partner! We can configure complete systems for your project with our Design Manufacture Service, also known as Build To Order (BTO).

our advantages:

  • 3 year warranty
  • long term delivery 5-7 years
  • attractive pricing through quantity discounts
  • No engieering costs / NRE for projects and series

Wide range of usability: Server computer for industry and service

We are selling industrial computersfor over 25 years. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know that quality and reliability are particularly important.

For every company

Industrial server computers are not only used in industry, but also in all areas of business where high and constant data availability is necessary.

Server for the flexible administration of data

A server is a computer with its own operating system and a large storage capacity. Servers manage large amounts of data. Different users get access, which the administrator manages individually. It grants authorizations for all data stored on the server. It is possible to grant a person universal access or to release individual files for retrieval. Many servers work with the Windows operating system. Alternatively, you can use the Apple Macintosh or Linux server software.

How can you access a server?

Access is via the network, which can be connected to the Internet or work internally. Alternatively, servers are integrated into the intranet. It is a network that all employees of a company can access. The server can be reached via its own network address. Data is accessed after entering a user name in combination with a password.

How do you choose a suitable server?

  • Which operating system is the right choice for a server? Most models work with a current version of Windows Server. This operating system is compatible with many applications and is therefore highly recommended.
  • How much memory should the server have? It depends on the amount of data you want to save on the server. If they are documents, four to six gigabytes should be available. For memory-hungry data such as photos, graphics or videos, hard disk sizes of ten gigabytes or more are recommended.


You couldn’t find a suitable system yet? No problem: we find the ideal system.

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