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Benefit from our cooperation with MSI IPC as official channel partner! Let us configure complete computers for your project with our Design Manufacturing Service (DMS).

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Why chose Alptech?

Prepare now for the furture – with MSI IPC of the latest generation

Whiskey Lake 3,5" SBC

MS-98L3 – for your high-end integration

Price conscious: MS-98L3 with Core i5 or i3

suitable for most usages
compared to Core i7 enormous saving:

Whiskey Lake vs. Skylake/Kaby Lake

MS-98L3 – for your high-end integration

Attractive alternative to Whiskey Lake: MS-98H3

Mini ITX HighEnd bis 4x LAN


No need for compromise – with the Industrial Motherboard MS-98K1 exklusiv von MSI

Price conscious: MS-98K1 with chipset H110

suitable for most usages
compared to Q170 chipset enormous saving: more than 20% cheaper!

We have the perfect solution

Industrie Box PCs

Der kompakte BOX PC ist für den störungsfreien Dauerbetrieb konzipiert
In der Industrie wird ein Box PC in Szenarien benötigt, bei denen hohe Leistung mit einer kompakten Bauart erforderlich ist. Diese Systeme müssen äußerst widerstandsfähig sein und auch bei hohen mechanischen Belastungen und Temperaturunterschiedenen standhalten.
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Industrie Panel PCs

Ein flacher Panel PC mit integriertem Display lässt sich in Schaltwände integrieren
Für den Einsatz in Schaltwänden oder laufenden Prozessen, zur Überwachung und dem Controlling ist ein Panel PC besonders geeigent. Durch ihre Bauart sind diese Geräte äußerst flach und mit einem Touchscreen-Display ausgestattet. Die Bedienung erfolgt somit ohne Maus oder Tastatur.
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Industrie PCs

Industrie PC’s von Alptech sind auch mit älteren Systemen kompatibel
In der Computerindustrie verändern sich die Hardware und Schnittstellen teils in wenigen Jahren. Ein Industriecomputer muss allerdings oftmals auch mit älteren Systemen und Standards wie z.B. ISA kompatibel sein. Alptech fertigt daher sowohl High-End Rechner als auch neue ISA-PC Systeme mit Kompatibilität zu Ihrer vorhandenen Hardware und bereits etablierten Systemen.
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Industrie Monitore

Industrie Monitore zum Einbau in Racks oder in Maschienen als Open Frame Monitor oder mit IP65 Frontrahmen
Wie die IPC sind auch Industrie Monitore von Alptech mit allen gängigen Standards kompatibel. Sie lassen sich in Racks einbauen und sind als Open Frame Monitor gefertigt um in Schaltwände und direkt in komplexe Systeme integriert werden zu können. Auch Displays mit IP65 Frontrahmen sind im Sortiment erhältlich.
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As an industrial PC manufacturer, we meet international standards

Each industrial PC must meet different requirements as needed. As an industrial PC manufacturer, we rely on compatibility with international standards such as installation in 19-inch racks. We also manufacture IPCs in the smallest types, such as the 1U computer. The range includes other standards such as 2U and 4U computer.

At Alptech, we also offer our customers the opportunity to manufacture individual solutions. This distinguishes our corporate philosophy as an industrial PC manufacturer. The hardware of our industrial PC can be individually adapted. Also housings are designed according to your project needs.

Industrial PC systems are at the heart of modern industrial production and process automation. Their use in central production and switching units requires many special features which a conventional PC can not afford. Therefore, it is not a question that you should consult a specialist to buy your industrial PC there: Alptech.

Alptech has more than 30 years of experience as an industrial computer manufacturer and has naturally continued to evolve during this period. We advise and supply customers in industry, automation, measurement and monitoring technology as well as telecommunications. We attach great importance to offering our customers individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs. Because when it comes to buying the optimal industrial PC, it is important to make sure it:

Industrial computers are usually installed in control cabinets or control consoles and therefore often have to be designed for the tightest space requirements. This is especially true for panel PCs, whose display fills the entire front surface so that the computer has to work without a fan. We offer you three models that do not need ventilation slots and are equipped with an integrated heat sink instead. This dissipates the resulting heat loss and ensures that the Industrial PC also works without a fan without problems.
The necessary space optimization naturally also affects the size and format of the industrial computers. The height of flat panel PCs is expressed in height units (HE), with a 1U PC having a height of 1.75 inches and 44.45 millimeters, respectively, and a 2U PC is twice as high. Alptech offers you eight 1U computers as well as three 2U computers that fit perfectly into the standard 19 inch racks and can be efficiently integrated into existing systems.
The true “size” of an industrial computer is measured by its inner life. We also have ISA PCs in the program, which continue to be equipped with Industry Standard Architecture (ISA). It extended the bus architecture to 16-bit on IBM-compatible PCs and was standard until the mid-1990s. The reason for it is that most of the very long lasting industrial applications, cards for example, still rely on the presence of ISA buses. When you purchase an ISA computer from Alptech, your tried and tested system will continue to run without restrictions.
Compact, robust and powerful – these features characterize a box PC, of which we have many different models in the program. For industrial applications, a box PC is best suited for its design. One further development is the flat panel PC, which is often integrated into switchboards. However in industry, IPC panels are also used in research and services – for example, they are often now part of the high-tech equipment of medical practices. At Alptech, you can choose between two dozen panel PCs.
Often they are trifles that can crash a whole system. If, for example, a screen no longer functions or is not compatible with application extensions the process sequences can no longer be adequately monitored. Alptech supplies you with the appropriate industrial display and advises you as well on the choice of the industrial PC on which a particular monitor would be best suited. Whether a display, computer or a complete industrial PC system, we find the right solution for every requirement!

Use the following advantages at Alptech:

  • more than 30 years of experience in industrial PC systems
  • individual planning and delivery as required
  • thanks to ISA buses, long-live-systems continue to function
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