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IPC installation made easy – thanks to a wide range of help from Alptech

Our service for you does not end when the devices you have selected and ordered are delivered. At your request, we can also help you install the IPC – either by guiding you by email or phone, or by providing you with the best possible support on site. Even if operational failures or other impairments should occur later, Alptech is available to you quickly and competently as a service partner.

If you have little experience so far in installing an IPC yourself, or if there are extensive networks, you can book our installation service at a moderate surcharge. Our experienced specialists will then take over the installation and configuration of your new industrial computer on site. Of course, you also give your employees information on the further use of the computers. You can obtain further information at any later time via different channels: For example via …

What to consider when installing in a PC cabinet for industrial computers

Speaking of installation: at most locations, a 19-inch PC case is available as a PC cabinet for industrial computers. It is called 19-inch rack in English and is standardized throughout Europe in accordance with EIA 310-D, IEC 60297 and DIN 41494 SC48D. The name is derived from the front panel width specified in it, which is 19 inches or 48.26 centimeters in German units. Most of the time, the individual devices are fastened with four screws in the rows of holes in vertically running sheet metal angles near the front edges of the shelves, each with a width of 5/8 inches (15.88 mm). When installed in the standard PC cabinet, a 450.85 mm wide opening is available for every industrial PC. Also note the height units of the devices (HE for short, also known as rack units in English). One height unit corresponds to 1.75 inches or 4.445 centimeters, and depending on the height, 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U devices are differentiated.

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Standards and innovations on the IPC market: Always stay informed with Alptech

Whether standard sizes and other standards or the latest innovations on the IPC market: with Alptech you always stay up to date and are always fully informed. Our industry news, for example, provide you with the best services for this, which you can access under the menu item “News” in the form of current blog posts. Or take a look at our Facebook account – you will find the button in the footer of the page.

No matter what products, services and information you currently need on the IPC market – with Alptech you benefit from …

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