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    Dear Customer

    Each and every of our products is tested before delivery and should fulfill its tasks without exemption. Nevertheless, it may happen, that a product does not fully comply with all requirements.

    In such case please be so kind to contact us obeying the following steps. Doing so you will enable us to solve your problem in a timely manner.

    1. Contact us to receive your RMA-Number. You can reach us via Telephone: +49 (0) 6171 9799110 Via Fax: +49 (0) 6171 9799115 Via Email: service@alptech.de
    2. Enter the RMA Number in the appropriate field of this form and add the details of the product you purchased from us.
    3. In case you intend to send a computer in for repair, please be advised to save your data before doing so.
    4. Mail the product to us and enclose this RMA form. Make sure, the packaging is adequate, which means that you please use the original packaging.
    5. Immediately upon received we will examine the product and determine, whether we will be able to repair it without cost. In such case, work will start right away and the product returned in due course. Please allow us to thoroughly search for the reason of the failure, repair with care and carry out subsequent tests. All this might take a moment. If your product is needed back within a certain period of time, you please should inform us so beforehand.
    6. In such case that we need to charge you for our work and/or parts we will provide you with a quotation which you should study and if approved please confirm. We will not start any work on the product before receiving your notice.
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