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Design Manufacturing Service: Alptech’s service from product design to manufacturing

Everything from one source

Our Design Manufacturing Service (DMS) provides exceptional end-to-end services from product design through product development to manufacturing programs and service. We combine all services through a comprehensive process and are closely monitored by dedicated professionals to ensure the highest levels of product quality, reliability and longevity.


  • Technology leadership based on a partnership with Intel and a strong partnership with MSI IPC and ASUS ioT for advanced technologies
  • one-stop shop for all industries
  • Supply Chain Management and Purchasing Power
  • Excellent quality and service

For your project: Let us configure your ideal PC

Benefit from our cooperation with MSI IPC and ASUS ioT as official channel partner!
Let us configure complete computers for your project with our Design Manufacturing Service (DMS).

Your advantages:

collaboration models

Customers can customize existing Alptech products or jointly develop new products with the expertise of a dedicated project team that oversees the project from product conception to on-time delivery of the goods and the desired design.

Alptech offers both large series, small series and mix products through additional purchase, thereby fulfilling the requirements of our customers for every type of computer platform.


  • Project Management provides end-to-end services with a small team
  • Regional support on request for Europe and Asia
  • Committed product delivery and on-time-to-market
  • Long product life cycle
  • No one-time/non recurring development costs (NRE)
  • Cost savings throughout the value chain of the product, all from one source
  • Reduced investment in research and development, overhead costs and inventories

Trust Alptech’s IPC services!

We …

  • guarantee you reliability and honesty
  • promise fast and comprehensive service
  • are open to your criticism as well as answer any questions.

Even after completion of the project we will continue to support you and will be at your disposal with words and deeds

  • We offer assistance in first-time-setup by e-mail and by phone, but we also offer initial installations on site as an option. Ask us!
  • In the unlikely event that one of our units will cause problems, be damaged or lack the warranted qualities, we will be happy to provide the service you require immediately.
    If you need drivers, data
  • sheets, operating instructions or manuals, you can get them via download link. Then just send a short e-mail with the type designation and serial number of the device in question.

Industrial computers – our specialty

Our customers come from a wide range of industries, some of them with very specific requirements for the devices. All our computers offered are either exclusively adapted or can even be newly constructed on demand fitting your requirements.

You need to replace computers and want to continue your proven plug-in cards with system extensions? Then an ISA PC from Alptech is exactly what you need. Extra PCI slots are possible as well. We are happy to advise you!

Your control cabinet or your machine needs a robust unit that reliably monitors the function and saves energy? Our low power panel PCs work with the latest technology.

Of course, when it comes to performance in the tightest of spaces, we provide you suitable devices such as fanless Intel Core-i Box PC and 19 inch 1 U computer. Thanks to the applied mobile technology, these devices are still economical in power consumption compared to desktop systems.

Certifications for CCC – We bring you through!

The China Compulsory Certification (CCC) is a certification system valid in the People’s Republic of China. As part of the certification product testing and factory audits are conducted. CCC certification is based on national, Chinese standards and implementation rules. The CCC applies to both imported and Chinese products and includes many IT products as well as tools and toys. Certifiable products may be first imported into China, sold in China, and used in business activities in China after having applied for and been granted CCC certification of the product. The entire process can be completed in about six months.

We offer CCC certification for all our products, e.g. ideal for projects with our design manufacturing service / BTO.

Why chose us?

We garant

reliability & honesty

We promise

Fast & quick service

We are

Open & responsive

Industrial PCs – unlike home computers – are used in mature and networked production or control systems, which are almost always maintained by experienced specialists. However, this does not mean that customer-friendly IPC services would not be needed in this environment – they only have to set other priorities than service providers for “conventional” end customers. Alptech advises you comprehensively on the compatibility of your devices and systems, helps with their commissioning and, if necessary, provides you with spare parts that others have not had in their range for years.

A firework of various functions must not ignite industrial computers in most cases – but what they do should have are hand and foot. Because almost always whole production chains or control units depend on the fact that the devices work trouble-free and perform their tasks reliably. Above all, it is crucial that all components of a system fit together perfectly and have the required interfaces for networking. You should discuss this with our IPC services and get answers to any questions before purchasing an industrial PC from Alptech. This ensures that you order a computer that meets your individual needs and optimally fits into the existing system.

If the desired industrial PC has arrived at your premises, we will of course also provide you with additional assistance by e-mail or telephone during setup. Optionally, we also do the initial installation on site for you. Should it later come to malfunctions or failures, we are happy to assist you in the same way. Because sometimes it is not necessary to send us the computer for a repair. If there are only trifles to replace, or just one operator error that can happen to anyone, you may find work on our new YouTube channel, which has videos for you to fix such minor issues.
Naturally, one of the elementary services in our industrial PC shop is the supply of suitable spare parts. Here the difference between IPCs and home computers is particularly clear: While the latter usually require the latest and most innovative add-on modules, the operation of industrial PCs is often designed for a long runtime, which requires older, often many years proven components. While other online suppliers have sorted out these replacement parts long ago, they are still to be found in the industrial PC shop of Alptech – and also in our warehouse! These are, for example, replacement parts for ISA computers , which are available in many Industrial PC systems continue to do their good work, although the “Industry Standard Architecture” was generally replaced more than 20 years ago by more modern computer bus systems.
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