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PC for tough use in industry and commerce

If a touch panel is used as an industrial PC, its different and optimized usage options become tangible at first glance: Because instead of using the keyboard or the omnipresent mouse, the touch panel PC can only be touched or swiped over Control the surface of his display. In this category of our online shop you can find out more about the large selection of our touch panels.

First of all, the relatively new form of access to program menus and other functions of your industrial computer is due to the design of the Panel PC – and its integration into larger industrial control and organization systems: like a tile, the touch panel today is usually so precise Switchboards installed so that no space is available for plug connections. Conventionally wired control units fail and the use of a wireless mouse makes little sense on closer inspection. Because in front of control panels there are usually hardly any tables or desks on which the helpful “animal” could be moved back and forth. It is much easier to access the display of the Touch Panel PC directly at eye or navel height. With the touch panel, a distinction is made between the display itself, which is available in various inch sizes and internal resolutions. In addition, the external dimensions of the display variants have to match the space available in the partition walls and systems already installed. Alptech’s touch panels meet these requirements and can be used in a wide variety of areas.

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IPC with an intuitive touch: control the Panel PC with touches and gestures

The operation of the Touch Panel PC via the display is not just born out of necessity. It also offers the respective user a whole series of advantages, which are often summarized under the keyword “intuitive operation”. So he can achieve a similar effect on the digital display with touches and gestures that have passed from flesh and blood in the analogue world. A good example is turning the pages of a book, which can also be initiated on a touch panel by a “page gesture” with the index finger. And moving the image elements by lightly pressing and then pulling the finger in the desired direction is also perceived by most users as a “natural” form of operation. Use our product descriptions to find out about many other functions and advantages of the Touch Panel PCs to be ordered from Alptech. We will of course be happy to answer any questions you may have about the individual models.

Touch Panel PC for stationary or mobile use

A touch panel PC can be used in different ways in industry and commerce. There are IPCs that are designed for continuous operation in existing switchboards, production and manufacturing processes. These touch panel PCs meet the highest requirements for compatibility, durability and protection against dirt, dust and moisture.

There is also a Touch Panel PC for use in vehicles. For example, touch panels can be installed in forklifts or agricultural vehicles. Touch panels are also used in cars, e.g. for fleets of larger companies.

Industrial Touch Panels are durable and resistant

Intuitively operated displays are also used in the consumer area. Industrial touch panels are resilient and extremely effectively protected against external influences. These touch panels withstand operation even under extreme temperatures. The industrial touch panel from Alptech can also withstand high levels of dirt or dust and even splash water. Like every IPC, these devices are designed for continuous use. The touch panels leave nothing to be desired when it comes to operation. In terms of operation and use, the devices convince with comfort and extreme precision.

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Alptech produces hardware according to your personal requirements and wishes. Let us advise you personally which touch panel is ideal for your ideas. You and your employees are guaranteed not to want to do without the simple and intuitive operation.

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