Fanless PC

Why a fanless industrial PC can be an advantage

At first glance it seems absurd: Although they are in constant use and then, like all electronic devices, they will run hot, Industrial PCs offered without integrated fan, because this supposedly supports their optimal operational readiness. Doesn’t this mean that an overload due to overload is inevitable? Alptech reveals why conventional fans in industrial PCs are rather counterproductive – and that there are alternative options that can also be used to adequately cool a fanless PC.

The required non-stop use of an industrial PC presupposes that it has to be repaired or serviced as rarely as possible – above all because it would then have to be removed from the structure of connected control and control systems in which it is normally integrated. Since these are often harsh, dust and dirt-prone environments, ventilation slots are also not a good idea, since the cooler air they suck in means that many dirt particles get into the sensitive interior of the IPC. A fanless PC is characterized by the fact that it …

  • works without an integrated “mini-ventilator”, which seem often susceptible to failure and wear
  • havs no big ventilation holes, which let harmful substances penetrate
  • and could hardly ensure the supply of cooler outside air anyway with installation with ventilation slots.

Building an industrial PC without a fan requires the highest quality components

Bei der Hardware kommt es vor allem auf die benötigte Rechenleistung und Zuverlässigkeit an. Lüfterlose Panel PCs dürfen sich in Schaltwänden in Verbindung mit anderer Elektronik im Dauerbetrieb nicht übermäßig erwärmen. Dafür setzen wir auf langlebige und hochwertige Komponenten sowie passive Kühllösungen für lüfterlose Panel PCs.

Unser Anspruch ist es den Industrie PC lüfterlos so zu konzipieren, dass die Hardware mit wenig Wartung im Betrieb auskommt. Durch die Vermeidung von CPU- oder Gehäuse-Lüftern fallen typische Komponenten weg, die im Betrieb verschmutzen und irgendwann erneut werden müssen. Ein weiterer Vorteil einen Industrie PC lüfterlos zu bauen liegt in der reduzierten Geräuschentwicklung. Je nach Einsatzort kann dies einen erheblichen Mehrwert im Arbeitsalltag bedeuten.

PC without fan

Fanless panel PCs for industry, chemistry and medical technology

Fanless Panel PCs are often used in production control centers in industry. They are offered as multifunctional computers with powerful components from Alptech. An industrial PC without a fan is no less powerful than conventional IPCs. State-of-the-art CPUs can be installed, which also work in an energy-efficient and energy-saving manner.

The possibility of manufacturing the industrial PC without a fan also opens up further possible uses. In this way, the devices can be installed particularly in work environments in which no additional noise may be present. Fanless Panel PCs work without operating noise and can therefore also be used universally for chemistry and medical technology.

A PC without a fan works silently

A fanless PC also gives you advantages if it is used in a sensitive environment such as a hospital: The fan screw does not start constantly and then spreads operating noises that people with increased need for rest find annoying and in laboratories even measurement results can influence.

How a fanless PC still stays cool

A PC without a fan usually adopts the principle of so-called passive cooling. Essential parts of the housing take on the task of radiating excessive heat from the inside of the IPC to the outside. The most important feature is that they have a surface that is as large as possible – an aspect that is common with the mostly very handy Industrial PCs cannot be realized without a trick: In order to gain the largest possible radiation area, the housings are often designed like an accordion.

A large number of Alptech’s IPCs are designed from the start as a fanless PC. If you have any questions about the functionality or equipment of the individual models, please feel free to contact us and take advantage of our advisory services.

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